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It had been a long, tiring day.

He arrived home, and found he had to fumble in his pocket for the key. "Strange," he thought. She'd always been there to open the door for him before. It was one of the great things about this new relationship. For years he'd come home and all the welcome he'd got was silence, or a disembodied grunt. Since the changeover he'd become very used to the door opening for him, a kiss and a hug, with "Welcome home, darling." purred in that enchanting accent.

Concern and annoyance mingled as he strode up the stairs. When he reached the top, he stopped. She was there, on the landing between the two rooms that comprised their new home.

She was kneeling.

As he looked at her there, with her long, dark hair spread across her shoulders like a cape and her eyes cast down, he felt a lump rising in his throat. She had a silver tray in her hands, bearing a crystal glass of golden fluid. To his surprise she was wearing a skirt rather than the jeans which she preferred.

"Welcome home, my beloved Master."

He took the drink, putting out one hand to stroke her hair while he sampled it.

"You've done very well, my little one."

"If I have pleased my Master, then I am happy." She set the tray aside and looked, blue eyes sparkling. "Is my beloved Master tired?"

"I have had a frenetic day, little one."

"Then would my dear Master permit his submissive to use what skills she has to relax him?" As she spoke, she took his hand and kissed it.

"I'd like that very much."

Taking his hand in both of hers, she began to massage it, rubbing the back and the palm. She took each finger in turn and stretched it. To his surprise, her action was highly effective, easing the tension that had been building up all day.

"Could I have your other hand now, please Master?"

She repeated the process.

"And now your foot, Master, please." She was still kneeling. Reaching forward, she took his foot and rested it on the angle of her thigh. After she'd removed his shoe, she took off his sock as well. His feet usually stank, but she didn't show any sign of noticing.

She began to massage his foot. He was nervous, because his feet were very ticklish. She was careful, and clever. She didn't tickle him at all.

By the time she had done both his feet he was feeling much more relaxed. He'd finished the drink, which probably helped.

"The next phase of the treatment will be better done in the bedroom," she told him with a smile as she took the glass from his hand. "May I rise, Master?"

"But of course." He put out a hand to help her up. She curtsied once she was back on her feet.

She lead him into the bedroom, where the clothes he loved to wear at home were laid out. Fresh and clean, they smelled of fresh air and flowers. As he stood there looking, thrilled beyond words at the care she'd taken for him, she turned to face him and began to unbutton his shirt. He began to be aroused by the sensation of her hands against his skin.

She folded his shirt over her arm, then relieved him of his trousers. He'd expected her to strip him completely, then take her own clothes off so they could make love. Instead she put his clothes to one side, then laid a sheet across the bed.

"Please would you lay on this, dear Master? I can take away the last tension from your muscles, if you will."

He obliged, and lay there enjoying the sensations as she used scented oils and skilful hands to take the knots out of his neck, back and legs.

Completely relaxed, at peace with the world once again, it took him a few minutes to realise that she was talking.

"It would be easier to help you dress if you could sit up, Master. Your submissive can do many things, but physically humping your body about when there is no need for it she would prefer to avoid."

"I'm sorry, little one." He sat up, and swiftly put on the clothes she'd prepared for him. She knelt again. He took her chin and tilted her face up until she was looking at him. He let his eyes run over her face, the red and green collar round her neck and down to where her skin disappeared under her blouse. His other hand stroked her breast.

"You have done very well. I am so pleased with you."

"Thank you, my Master." She moved uneasily. "I will, if you so desire, pleasure you with my body. I regret, though, that if we take time for that, your supper may be ruined."

He smiled.

"You've put a lot of work into preparing a meal for us, haven't you? So it would be very unkind of me to cause it to get ruined. Let's eat, then we can share other pleasures together."

"As you wish, Master."

She led him through to the dining room, then went off to get the food. As he settled at the table, he noticed that there was only one place set.

"Where's your meal, little one?"

"I didn't think this poor girl was suited to eat with her Master."

"Have you eaten?"

"No, Master."

"Doing that again, are you. You know what I think of you running yourself or depriving yourself to 'prove' how submissive you are, don't you?"

"Yes, Master."

"Well, I'll penalise you for that later. In the meantime, fetch another plate."

He allowed himself a small smile as she left. It was all part of the game.

"Come and kneel here, next to me," he told her when she came back with a plate.

"Yes, Master."

"There's plenty of food for both of us," he went on, transferring some to her plate. She stayed, kneeling, while he fed her in between mouthfuls of his own meal.

After they had eaten he settled himself in the chair while she cleared the table. She came to him with another glass of whisky on the tray and knelt beside him, holding the tray so he could use it as a table. He smiled, sitting back and enjoying himself.

"Do you require some entertainment, Master?" she asked, quietly. He thought for a minute.

"Yes, that might be just the thing. Don't forget you still have a penalty to pay, though."

"I shall not forget, Master," she murmured, laying the tray aside and standing up. He gathered she had prepared for this, as well. She picked up a CD which just happened to be lying next to the player and put it on. The music was slow, but with a steady beat. Stepping back and away, into the small open space of their room, she began to dance. Slowly she danced at first, but then more energetically.

Eventually the music changed and she danced slowly again. Now, as she moved round the room, she shed clothing. She had been wearing underclothes, which he knew she didn't really like. He was pleased beyond measure that she had done so for him.

When the music came to an end she stood there wearing only her body jewellery and the marvellous tattoos that had decorated her long before she came to him. It was time, he thought to add to that collection.

She finished her dance kneeling at his feet, forehead on the floor. He lifted her hair to admire the image painted into the skin of her back. Running his fingers over it, as he loved to do, he was aware that she was trembling.

"Is something wrong, little one?"

"No, Master, but your sub is aware that she has been a bad girl. She has thought wicked thoughts many times, and gained her Master's displeasure by devaluing herself. She is expecting her Master to be angry, and to extract a severe penalty. Your submissive is afraid of your anger Master, and begs that You be merciful."

"I promised you a penalty, little one, and a penalty you certainly will pay. Now you tell me you have been thinking wicked thoughts as well. I shall be forced to penalise you even more severely than I had first planned."

She groaned, and he saw another shudder pass over her.

"Forgive me, please, my dear Master."

"Forgive you I most certainly shall. Wrongdoing, though, will have to be penalised. Remain kneeling there until I have decided on your penalty. Keep your head down, and remain silent." That would be the worst thing of all, he knew. She really loved to talk, and not letting her look at him was also something she hated.

He kept her like that for a full twenty minutes. Then he bent down and stroked her hair.

"Right, little one. Stand up, and get across my lap. I shall spank you very hard."

"Yes, Master."

She knelt on the seat next to him. Keeping her head bowed, she lay across him, with her head on the arm of the chair and her feet raised. He put one hand on her waist to steady her, stroking her buttocks with the other.

He began to spank. At first the spanks were not hard, but they came with a clockwork regularity. Her skin started to turn pink. Stopping, he stroked her again, then returned to spanking, harder this time.

After a few minutes she was beginning to wriggle as a result of the spanks, moaning slightly. Her movements were having an effect on him, too, and his arousal was becoming strong. He presumed she could feel his erection digging into her.

When he stopped to stroke her again he found that she, too, was turned on by the spanking. He'd expected that. As he continued her writhing, and her moans of pleasure/pain, became stronger and louder.

He stopped to stroke her again. She was very wet, and groaned as he inserted a finger into her. Then she turned her head towards him.

"Please, Master, may I come?"

"Most certainly not, little one. Not until I say so."

He spanked her again, spreading the spanks as always across her buttocks, and down to the sensitive place where the curve of her bottom met her thigh. He knew that the middle of that, where the join of her thighs met the crack between her cheeks, was the most sensitive spot of all.

"You want to come, little one. Then come NOW!" As he spoke he delivered a hard spank to that 'sweet spot'. She gasped as it landed, then threw back her head and began to yell as her orgasm took control. He held her, stroking her, smiling, until she had stopped twitching. As she relaxed, the next spank fell.

He stopped after a short series of hard spanks. His hand was stinging as he stroked her reddened bottom.

"Master," she said quietly, "will you take me now, please Master?"

"No, little one. Another series of spanks must come first. After that, I will take you."

"Thank you, Master."

They were the hardest spanks of all. She moaned at every one, and there were tears forced from her eyes. It was only a short series. His hand was becoming seriously sore, and he was massively aroused by the way she was wriggling on his lap. Half turning her, he bent to kiss her.

"All over now, little one. You've been very good in paying the penalty, now you may have a reward for being so good."

"Can I, Master?" She slithered off his lap to kneel at his feet. Her hands went to the bulge in his crotch. "Can I have this for my reward, Master?"

He laughed.

"Go ahead, my little one. Though I fear that reward will be short-lived."

"If Master will permit, I would like to take my reward several times," she replied with a wicked smile. Her eyes met his.

"I will allow you to do that. But I suggest you don't delay too long, or part of your reward will be wasted."

"Oh, Master, that would never do, would it?" She reached forward to unzip his trousers, then pulled them down, along with his undershorts. He eased up on the chair to help her.

Once his erection was free, she stroked it, then bent her head and kissed it. He gasped and bit his lip, catching her eyes again as she looked up. With a small smile, she climbed back onto the seat, this time straddling him with her legs. She smiled into his eyes and began to unfasten his shirt. He ran the tips of his fingers over her breasts, tweaking the nipples in a way he knew she liked.

When his shirt was off she bent her head and kissed his nipples. His hands went round her back and pulled her forward. Lifting herself she complied until the tip of his member was resting at her opening. He put his fingers under her chin and raised her lips to his. Their mouths met. His tongue came out to fence with hers. As their tongues began to dance she slowly lowered her body so that she was impaled on him.

He groaned as she began to move her body up and down. He thrust with his tongue to match her movements. One hand was on her breasts, stroking, caressing, fondling the nipples. He wasn't going to last very long, he knew.

"I'm coming," he muttered, as he felt his seed storming up his member and out into her body. She writhed in his lap.

"Yes, yes, YES!" She screamed. He was aware, through his orgasm, that she, too, had reached another climax. He pulled her nipples and ran his hands over her until it was over.

Spent, they rested in each other's arms. He kissed her tenderly.

"That was wonderful, darling, thank you so much."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it, Master," she replied with an arch grin. "There is more to come, if I may use that word." She kissed him lightly. "You've not been sleeping well, have you?. I mean to alter that, tonight."

He smiled at her, touched by her care. He would sleep, deeply, but perhaps not so long. And not until this enchanting creature let him.

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