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Philip swung his leg over the bike and steadied it while Lisa got on. He was trying to remember the last time he carried a passenger.

"Comfy?" he asked. She nodded.

The bike started first kick. For a little while, he was busy negotiating the outskirts of the town.

When they got out into the country the bike wobbled slightly.

"Sorry," she shouted to be heard through his helmet. "Getting comfortable."

It seemed as if "comfortable", to Lisa at least, meant "close". Philip could feel her thighs pressing into the underside of his. She was leaning the whole of her body against him. Even her crotch was nestled snugly against his backside. Only her hands, folded primly over his stomach, were not squeezing him.

"Not done this before," she yelled. "It's fun."

She had seemed rather surprised when Philip had turned up to take her out for the evening on a motor bike. She took one look, then fled upstairs to change her fancy jacket and smart skirt for a windcheater and jeans. Philip loaned her a helmet.

Riding a bike was fun. That was one of the reasons why he did it. He also enjoyed being much closer to the rest of the world than if he was shut in a metal box. He had enough of that in his work as a bus driver.

Philip was very aware of Lisa on the pillion. At least she was keeping still. This close any movement on her part could be quite distracting.

All too soon they were dropping down the hill to the pub that was their destination.

* * *

Their evening at the Folk Club held in that little pub was very enjoyable. Philip was careful how much he drank. He didn't let Lisa have that much, either. A friend of his had been badly injured because his drunken girlfriend, riding pillion, had leaned the wrong way and tipped them over. She hadn't survived.

As they started back Philip felt that Lisa was sitting even closer to him than on the trip out. Her head was resting on his shoulder. He could swear he could feel her breasts against his back through her windcheater and his leather jacket. Her hands unfolded themselves from his waist and settled on the tops of his thighs. She hitched again, and he felt every movement.

"All right?" he asked.

"Yes. Very cosy."

Philip settled himself to concentrate on controlling the bike. Soon, though, he noticed Lisa's fingers moving on the tops of his legs. A pleasant feeling, but one that could easily become too stimulating. The danger point came nearer when her hands transferred themselves to the inside of his thighs.

"What you doing?"

"Just snuggling."

That was a new word for it. She was definitely rubbing herself against him. Her movements were very slight, but he could feel everything. Her right hand was fondling his cock and balls. He could feel the first stirrings of an erection. Squeezed between the saddle and the tank it would not be comfortable if he got too hard.

That seemed to be Lisa's idea. She had both hands in play, and he was already half hard. Some of his rocker friends, years ago, had talked about "riding through the night, tool out and up the tank". If she carried on, that's just what he could be doing. He tried to ease himself.

"Thought we had to keep still?" Lisa queried.

"Now I'm trying to get comfortable."


Her hands left him for a little while. He could feel that them still moving, but he wasn't sure what they were doing. Lisa was still gently easing her body up and down his.

Philip nearly lost his balance when she suddenly unzipped his fly and a bare hand moved inside to adjust his equipment. The touch of her skin was enough to complete the hardening process. He hoped there were no police around.

"Better now?" she asked. Her hand was still on his flesh, stroking gently. She reached down and lifted his balls. "There."

"Thanks." He wanted to ask what she thought she was doing. It was a daft question. She knew quite well what she was doing. The real question was "Why?", but he didn't think they could debate that, bellowing over his shoulder.

"Bit tight down here", Lisa said. Before Philip could react, she had lifted his cock out of his trousers. The wind struck very chill on his hot member. It slapped against the cold metal of the tank. He shivered.

"Give over," he shouted.

"I'll put it away before we get to town, don't worry."

Lisa still had a glove on one hand. What she'd done with the other one, Philip didn't know, and was rapidly ceasing to care. She put her gloved hand between his dick and the tank, grasping his erection gently. The fingers of her other hand ran lightly over his glans, then back down the shaft in a gentle rippling motion. The two actions quickly restored any loss of hardness due to the cold.

"Tell me when you're coming," she said. Philip could only nod. It was taking all his energy to keep the bike on the straight and narrow. He thought of pulling over, throwing her across the saddle and giving her what for. He eased back on the throttle.

"Don't stop, please," she called.

Lisa was moving up and down against his back very noticeably, now. As she moved, so she stroked his cock harder. Then she traced the slit in the tip with one gloved finger. Philip jumped, nearly dropped the bike, and all but came on the spot.

"Easy!" he bellowed.

"Sorry." Her voice was very breathy. She was bringing herself off as she was jerking him off.

He slowed to negotiate a roundabout. He was surprised that he could do it so easily, with her two hands as active as they were on him. He could feel the pressure rising.

"Five minutes till we're home!"

"You coming?" she called back.

"All but."


Her bare hand slipped down to embrace his balls while the gloved one frigged him furiously. She stopped, suddenly. Pulling back his foreskin with her gloved finger and thumb, she again traced the slit in his glans with a gloved forefinger.

It was too much. Philip roared. Lisa took a firm grip on his cock, pointing it down and away. His come jetted towards the road. He could imagine it streaming out behind them.

True to her word, Lisa had his softened member tucked carefully away and his flies zipped as they reached the first streets of her home town. He was still breathing very heavily when they stopped outside her house, but otherwise no-one would know what had been going on.

Lisa's face was rather pink when she took the helmet off and shook her hair out.

"That was a lovely evening. Would you like to come in for a coffee before you go?"

"Please." Philip thought that it would give him time to steady his heart rate, if nothing else.

When she reached the door, Lisa opened it, then stood back for Philip to go first. He looked round the spacious kitchen as she walked past him.

"Now," she enquired, "how would you like your coffee?"

Philip looked at her. She was still flushed, seeming excited. Nothing venture, he thought.

"With breakfast?"

There was a long silence. Philip began to wonder if he'd misread the signs as Lisa walked to the door. She shot the bolt, swung round and unzipped his jacket, pushing it off his shoulders.

"I was hoping you'd say something like that. Your bike made me come four times, so you've got some catching up to do, haven't you?"

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