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It had been a quiet day for a change. I'd taken advantage of the fact to catch up on some office work. When you're self-employed, as I am, there's always plenty of that. And hanging over it all, the dreaded accounts.

I'd even got those in order today. I was feeling quite pleased with myself. I looked at my watch - 12:30, dinner time. I got out the package that I'd brought over from the house. Taking advantage of the fact that Annette, my secretary, would be on her own lunch hour, and the computer was up, I settled down with a strip poker game someone had given me.

The first indication that Annette was back was a strangled gasp behind me. I'd just won a game and my 'opponent' was depicted on the screen in all her glory, so to speak. I whirled round. Annette stood there mouth agape, face bright red.

"That is disgusting. Absolutely disgusting."

I was staggered. Annette was 23 and single, but as far as I knew, not short of male escorts. We'd had some grown-up jokes between us, too.

Now she spun on her heel, out of the studio and down to her own office. I followed. She'd been with me for nine months now and we worked together very well. I would hate to lose her. She was still fuming when I reached her desk.

"Annette, I'm sorry."

"So you should be. And ashamed."

"I didn't expect you back yet."

"Obviously." She sat down, turned, and faced me. "I'm not sure how to take this Jack. I'll have to think whether I want to work for you any more."

"Surely, Annette," I tried to pick my words carefully, in case she turned round and claimed sexual harassment, or some such. "You don't think...."

"I don't know what to think. I've never been so insulted in my whole life."

"Look," I said, trying to calm things down, "I wouldn't...."

"Please. Stop rubbing it in." She looked so distressed I had to comply.

"It's just so insulting," she went on. That was the second time she'd used the word, and it wasn't one I'd have expected.

"I'm sorry, Annette. I didn't mean to insult you. What I was doing in there has no reference to you at all."

"That's just it," she snapped back. "You've got a real, live, red-blooded woman sitting in this office, but do you show any sign of noticing the fact? Do you hell as like. Then I find you prefer to play Strip Poker against your fucking computer. Am I that repulsive?" Tears were flowing freely now. I began to see what she was getting at. I was surprised, no shocked. But the prospect was pleasant.

"Look, Annette, I can't...." The words wouldn't come. "I daren't even think of suggesting something like that. They call it Sexual Harassment these days."

"Only if I say 'no' and you persist, or you imply it's that or my job." She'd stopped crying and turned round to face me with an open, slightly imploring, look on her face. In for a penny, I thought, since I was likely to lose her anyway.

"Well," I took a deep breath, "would you like to join me in a game of Strip Poker sometime?" Then I waited for the explosion. But she smiled. Her eyes opened a little wide and she turned a very attractive pink.

"Oh, Jack. What a thing to ask. Are you saying you'd like to see me like that girl in the picture?" I nodded.

"I'd love to," she breathed, "only not today."


"Well," she went on, "the couple of times I've played, the rules say that if someone makes you naked, then you have to satisfy them." Her blush deepened. "I couldn't do that today."

"So when?"

She picked up the diary.

"Friday looks like a good day. We've got the people from ---------- (she named a local engineering firm) at ten, but they should be gone by lunch time. The rest of the day's free. And if things run on a little longer than they might normally, well, there's only the weekend ahead,"

"And that's all right with you?"

"Should be."

"Friday it is, then." Nearly the whole week to wait. But still. I'd often fantasised about what Annette's body was like under the rather formal clothes she wore. Now I might get chance to find out. All right, there was a chance, a good chance, I might end up bare myself. I didn't think I'd anything to be ashamed of. I played full back for the local rugby team all winter, did a lot of weight training and spent the summer evenings swimming and cycling. I thought I looked pretty good without my clothes.

Friday seemed to take for ever to arrive. When it came I had to wear my good suit. Annette wore her plainest and most formal dark suit as well, with a black bow in her otherwise ash blonde hair.

We got rid of our prospective client in good time and, as usual, went over to the local pub for lunch. I was beginning to feel quite nervous about the afternoon's proposed activity. But at the same time I was aroused at the thought of seeing the body that had been in so many of my fantasies for the last few months. Annette seemed quiet, not her usual ebullient self.

As we sat over a glass of wine at the end of the meal I said,

"You know, Annette, you don't have to do this?" As I said it I realised that I was half hoping, and half dreading, that she would cry off. She just smiled.

"It's usually the blokes that try to chicken out." She met my gaze as she took a drink, then set her empty glass down. "I'm looking forward to seeing you in the buff. And if I give you a fair eyeful in the process well," she gave a laugh, "That's the way it goes."

I drained my glass.

"Shall we go, then?"


"Do you want to play in the office," I asked as we walked down the road, "or would you like to come over to the house?"

"I've never been in your house, Jack. And that might be much more convenient for," she flashed her eyes invitingly, "afterwards. How long shall we make the loser's penalty anyway? An hour, a day or the whole weekend?"

The butterflies in my stomach trebled in number and began to flap wildly. At the same time I could feel a rising excitement and the first stirrings in henry, my cock.

"I think the weekend would be a bit too much. But you're the one who seems to have the experience. I've only ever played against the computer. What do you suggest?"

"Let me think." So we walked down the road in silence.

"Twenty-four hours," she said as we reached the door, "with a cop-out."


"If the winner wants the loser to do something they really don't want to like they can opt out of it by saying, let me see, 'photographs'."

"If that's what you would like." Half my excitement disappeared. I could guess how the cop-out would be used.

"But the loser has ten minutes to find an acceptable alternative."

"Sounds all right." I might get something if I could beat her.

Within minutes we were settled in the living room, where we could easily see and be seen by each other. I'd bought a new pack of cards for the occasion.

"Better get the mechanics out of the way," I remarked. "What are you wearing?"

"Annette is wearing a charcoal grey suit, with a plain, knee-length skirt, accompanied by grey stockings and black shoes. With the suit she has on a white cotton shirt." She had stood up and was prancing back and forth like a fashion model as she said this.

"And underneath?"

"Eh?" She blushed, then covered her face to hide her confusion. "Oh, I see what you mean. Slip, bra and panties."

"I make that eight things. I can only manage seven."

"I'll take my jacket off now, shall I?" She suited action to the words, hanging it on the back of a nearby chair. "What are we going to play?"

"I thought we said poker."

"Poker's no fun without betting, and even then it's a bit of a bore with just the two of us. We might as well just draw cards. Hey! That's it. You know how you cut the cards before dealing? Well why don't we do that? The dealer shuffles and the other person cuts the cards. Dealer takes the top card off what was the lower part of the pack, turns it face up, puts the rest of that part back on the other part and then cuts for the second player."

"And the person who gets the higher card...?"

"Can either tell the other person what to take off, or take it off them. Only it has to be something visible and removable without taking anything else off first, OK?"

"I think so."

"Great." She grinned like a schoolgirl. "I feel ever so wanton, doing this. Excited, too. And I can see you are. Come on, let's cut for dealer."

She got a seven. My card was the five. The butterflies took off again and henry gave an extra twitch. I watched Annette shuffle the cards. She looked quite relaxed. Far more so than I felt as I reached to cut the deck.

Annette turned up a six. My mouth was as little dry as I reached for the top card of the pile she left in front of me. It was a queen. I looked across at Annette, who was smiling. I decided to be a gentleman.

"Take off your shoes, please."

"Coward," she breathed. Then she picked up her leg, raising her foot until it was level with the seat of the chair. This gave me a good look up her skirt, and a flash of white panties. Hooking off the shoe, she placed it on the arm of the chair. Then she repeated the performance to remove the other shoe. I felt as if my eyes were sticking out like organ stops.

"All right?" She dropped the shoes beside her, smoothed down her skirt and settled her hands primly in her lap. I'm bloody sure she was well aware what I'd seen. I shuffled, she cut and I drew a four. She turned up a ten.

"I'll repeat the reticence. Your shoes, Jack, please."

There was no way I could match her show. So very quickly there were two black shoes sitting on their own by my chair. Once more she shuffled and I cut. She turned up an eight.

"Gives you an even chance," she murmured as I rebuilt the pack. She cut. I turned over the top card. Another eight.

"What happens now?" I asked.

"We both have to take something off. Your socks and my stockings?"

"If you like."

She watched me take my socks off. I didn't make a meal of it. Then I dropped the socks on top of my shoes.

I looked across. Annette had waited till I finished, then pulled up her skirt. Steadily, with a small smile on her face, she rolled off one stocking and then the other. Again I got the occasional flash of panties as she lifted her legs.

My nervousness increased as I lost my jacket, tie and shirt in quick succession. Annette just sat there, drinking in my bare torso. Then she licked her lips before shuffling the cards. When she drew the card I'd cut for her, her mouth formed an 'O'. It was a two.

I drew a ten. I stood up, henry making a big bump in the front of my trousers. I thought I could control myself, but I really wanted to touch that smooth skin sitting opposite, to try to rattle her composure.

"We'll have your shirt off, I think, Annette. If you'll come here."

"Oh, are you going to help me?" She got to her feet and walked over to where I was standing. Putting her arms round my neck, she rested her forehead against mine, leaving enough space between us of me to see down her neckline. Henry was getting bigger than ever And I was as clumsy as a kid getting his first feel when I undid her buttons.

Once I'd got all the buttons undone I pulled her shirt out of the waistband of her skirt. Sliding my hands up, I got my first feel of her breasts. A sweet handful each, they were, with rock hard, erect nipples, even through her slip and bra.

"It's a long time since you did this, isn't it?" She murmured as I slipped the cloth off her shoulders.

"I've never stripped my secretary before."

"Not with your hands, at least," she added with a teasing giggle. I'd hoped I wasn't that obvious. "But since you've been with any woman," she went on.

"A fair while, yes." I knew lots of girls, but found it difficult to convert friendship to relationship and thence to sex. Annette gave me a very quick kiss.

"Don't worry. I won't fail you." Then she turned round so I could slide the shirt off her arms. She posed, briefly, then sat down again.

I dealt and drew an ace. Annette smiled as she showed the ten she'd drawn. Then she stood up.

"I think it will have to be...."

"Your skirt."

She came over, turned her back to me and put her hands on her head. I took the invitation and pulled down the zip, before undoing the clasp and sliding both hands in there to caress her arse. Then over her hips and round to briefly stroke her mons. She pressed back into me, but only for a moment. Then she breathed, "Later".

The skirt was already round her ankles, so she stepped out of it and went back to her place. She dealt, and drew a jack. Mine was a ten. She looked like the cat who'd got the cream.

"If you'll stand up, I'll have those trousers off you."

I stood, and she knelt down in front of me. Her hands brushed over the great bulge henry was making. He responded with a twitch and I nearly came on the spot.


She was most careful as she unzipped my flies. Henry was out even before she had my belt undone. She took a long, hard look and gave me a smile.

"I think I'm going to enjoy this, win or lose."

Then she had my trousers down and was pulling them off my feet while I wrestled with henry to get him tucked away. I didn't have much success.

My hands were still shaking a little as I shuffled the cards.

"Do you want to take a break?" Annette asked. "Ten minutes to get yourself back under control? How about some coffee?"

By the time I'd made the drinks henry was behaving himself. Annette licked her lips as she cut the cards. I turned up a seven, which made her smile widen. Then I cut and she turned up a three. She was still smiling as she shrugged her shoulders.

"I don't think there's much of an option, here. Do you want to help?"

"Not this time, thanks."

She stood up, eased the straps of her slip off her shoulders and let it fall to a pool round her ankles. I could see she was wearing a three-quarter cup lacy bra that only just covered her nipples. Her panties didn't leave that much to the imagination, either. She turned round slowly, letting me get a good look, then sat down and picked up the pack of cards.

This time she turned up a six. She was blushing even before I turned mine over. It was an eight.

"I'll take your bra off you," I told her.

"Can you remember how?"

"I think so. But I'm sure you'll help me if I get stuck, won't you?"

"Oh, yes, boss."

I stood up. She came and stood with her arms round my neck again. I started by sliding the shoulder straps off, then eased my hands round the back. That was when I started to fumble. She waited for a minute or so.

"Allow me."

Swiftly, she put her hands behind her and unfastened the thing. Then she stood, allowing me to finish the job. She'd got lovely breasts. Nicely pointed, with deep pink tips and the nipples standing out like torpedoes. I took one in each hand and bent to kiss them. Annette stepped back.

"Not quite yet. We haven't finished the game." But she put one arm back round my neck and rested her skin against mine. Henry was protesting furiously again.

I hadn't even expected to get this far. But if she wanted to carry on. Neither of us made a move to sit down as I shuffled.

"The last hand," she breathed, "either way." She reached out with her free hand to cut the cards.

I turned up an ace. Her eyes widened.

"Aren't you lucky? But lets finish properly, shall we?"

"Isn't it a formality?"

"Even so, I'm not taking my panties off until I've turned over my card." So I built the deck, and cut for her. She got an ace, as well.

"How appropriate," she purred. "Now we both have to please each other."

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