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They tell me this girl was trained as a dancer before her Master bought her. Whether she's ever done the type of dancing we'll be doing tonight is another matter. In just a few minutes we'll start rehearsing together. She knows the dance will be very sensuous, even erotic. I don't suppose she'll be that surprised when I strip her. She's a slave, after all, just like me. She'll be dancing to entertain the nobles after their dinner, so she should expect her clothes to come off. Whether she'll expect the rest, I don't know.

I've watched her with her other partners. I can imagine what it will feel like when I lift her and slide my cock into her. She'll bounce and twist. It'll take a lot of my self-control not to come quickly.

Sunshine, they call her, and I can see why. She's blonde, with green eyes and full, womanly curves. Her hair's in waves, too, spilling right down over her shoulders. She's not tall - the top of her head would fit nicely just under my chin and though I can't say that she's exactly beautiful, she seems to have a lovely body from the neck down.

* * *

Our first rehearsals went better than I'd hoped. Sunshine's learned all the moves of the routine we're going to be doing. It's just been a case of co-ordinating everything and getting it to flow. Now we've got to work through it again, in costume. It felt pretty good having Sunshine squirm against me in her practice outfit, then wrap her legs around me. I got a hard-on when she did that, especially when her crotch rubbed against mine. I'll have no problem getting my cock in her later, I'm sure. And thinking how to get those clothes off her will add to the excitement.

* * *

I'd chosen three pieces of music for the dance routine. The first was definitely sensual, lively and with a brisk rhythm. We would dance that fully dressed, but the whole idea was that it would give their Lordships and Ladyships an idea of what was to come.

The second piece was slower, but with a harder edge to it and a more definite rhythm, It would be interspersed with sections of the first tune. It was while the second piece was being played that our clothes would come off. It ended with a drum roll followed by a clash of cymbals as I picked her up and dropped her on my cock. I reckoned she'd be wet by then, and I'd be hard enough to fuck a brick.

Not surprisingly, the last section of music has a throbbing pulse, getting quicker as we get closer to coming. I really hope my performance is impressive. I want their Ladyships vying for my services, if not tonight, then in the future. That's the way to land a really cushy place. Not that this one isn't easy, but to be personal stud to one of the more gorgeous of their Ladyships, now that really would be something.

* * *

"Well, we seem to have the dance itself flowing well, hadn't we better rehearse the strip?" Sunshine asked when we'd been three times through the routine in costume.

"Strip?" I was surprised.

"Sure now, don't you go treating me as though I were stupid! I may only have been a slave three years but I've never done a dance for Themselves yet where my clothes didn't come off at some point, then either Themselves line up to ram their pricks into me, or I spend the night dancing on my back for one of them." She took a deep breath, and seemed to soften. "Sorry. If it was all meant to be a surprise, then I can act that way, though I'd bet we'll raise more pricks and wet more snatches if we co-operate."

"You could well be right, there."

"If the Ladies are still there then your clothes will come off as well, won't they?" Sunshine leaned close and ran her hands over my shoulders and down my chest. "I reckon you've got a beautiful body." One hand went down to my crotch. "It surely feels like you've got a gorgeous prick. Do I get to suck it or are you just going to fuck me?"

"Well," I began, licking my lips nervously, "the original plan was just to impale you, and play it a bit by ear from there." I took a deep breath. "Since you're playing along, then we can be more adventurous."

"Goody!" She grinned and clapped her hands. Then she leaned the whole of her body against mine, pressing her fanny against my thigh, and her thigh to my cock, which made me harder than ever. She wrapped her arms round my neck and kissing me, long and hard.

"I'm Patty, by the way," she whispered when she came up for air. It made me think. I'd been 'Atlas' for so many years. What did they call me in the nursery?


"So, Mark, were you intending to fuck me up the arse, or just my snatch? Not that I particularly like it up the arse, but some of Themselves will want to go there. I think I'd like it if you opened the way, so to speak. Don't worry, I'll be really clean." She gave a knowing smile all of a sudden. "How about if you fuck me up the snatch until I come, then you can come up my arse?"

It was getting difficult not to come right there, in my trousers, as it was.

"Sounds like a fair idea," I managed, in the end. Patty chuckled. What I wouldn't have given for the chance to put her across my knee and spank some respect into her? Time was too short for such diversions, though.

"You've got problems, haven't you?" she went on quietly. "A short break to help that?"

"Might be best." I thought she was suggesting I step outside and wank off, so I turned towards the door. She gripped my wrist, hard.

"Not that way, Over here." She pulled me into a quiet alcove. Before I could say "what the heck?" Patty was on her knees with my cock down her throat. One hand stroked the root, the other played with my balls. I wrapped my fingers in all that hair and within a few strokes I was spilling all my seed. She swallowed it, and came up licking her lips.

"Better now?" Patty sat back on her haunches and tucked my cock away."

"Yes, thanks." I was hoping it wouldn't affect my later performance. I couldn't see why it should, though.

"Oh, you'll be all right, don't worry," Patty remarked as we walked back into the rehearsal area. "Sure and if I can get Master coming there'll be no problem with a fine lad like you." She stepped away and turned to face me, hands on hips. "And how, exactly, were you planning to get these clothes off me?"

She was wearing a top that was little more than a long piece of material which went round the back of her neck, crossed over her bubbies and was held in place by two strings fastened behind her waist. Her skirt, which was ankle-length, also wrapped round her waist. it had slits so that you could see her legs almost up to her hips. Under her skirt she wore skimpy drawers of some stretchy material. The whole outfit was green to match her eyes.

"Well," I told her, "in the second part of the music, while you lean against me, I was going to unhitch your skirt, so that when you spin away across the stage you leave it behind. When we came back together I'd untie your top. As you slid backwards between my legs that would come off. In the next move you wrap your legs round me, then somersault away. I'd pull your drawers down as you did so."

"So I'd find myself making those moves across the front of the tables wearing nothing?"

"Er, yes."

"And when I turned back wouldn't I find you wearing the same?"

"That's right."

"So I suppose the drum roll when I come back and the clash of cymbals when you lift me up is when you stick your prick in me?"

"Correct."I wondered what she was getting at.

"And isn't that a bit likely to take me dry? Uncomfortable for me, not so good for you and isn't Himself likely to be upset if His little Sunshine got damaged?"

"I suppose He might."

"So let's work out something that gets me good and wet, shall we?"

"Why not?" Apart from the fact that working out the routine would leave me so hard for so long my balls would turn blue. I hoped they'd still function when the time came. If I didn't come in her it wouldn't really matter, as long as I got really hard. But if I didn't then no Lady would want me in Her bed. Patty laughed, leaned against me again and kissed me.

"Now there's no need to look so woebegone. We'll have a great time practising and when it gets to performance time I'll make you look so good the Ladies will be creaming themselves to get your prick in them."

"You think we've got time to practise this?"

"We don't have to perform until after the meal. That gives us plenty of time to get ourselves ready." As she spoke the time-slave turned the sand and placed another stone. "Sure we've got four stones before Themselves sit down to eat. Plenty of time."

"Suppose there is." I wasn't sure whether I liked the way she seemed to be taking over. "We'll have to make some changes to the music, though."


"Well, that second piece is only just long enough for what I'd planned. If we're going to change things then we need more music."

"Couldn't we just link in some sections from the first piece?" She tilted her head to one side. "We need a break to walk things through, anyway. I'll talk to Nicky and Anna." They were drummer and piper who were playing for us. "And they could do with some time, too."

I watched her as she walked over. More accurately I watched the way her arse moved, and imagined her willingly going with me later. My cock sprang to attention once more. Patty leaned forward as she spoke to the musicians, pushing her bottom out most enticingly. I could have taken her on the spot.

* * *

"We'll walk this through, first, starting with the last few steps of the first section," I suggested, once we were on our own, though I still wasn't quite sure why we needed privacy.

"Good idea," Patty responded. "How about beginning at the point where I spin back into your arms. Then you whirl me across your shoulders before I drop into the splits and you go down on one knee behind me?"

"That's as good a place as any," I said. "What about if we stared into each other's eyes rather than grinning at the audience for approval?"

"That sounds a good idea indeed," Patty said, clapping hers hands, "and we could surely let everything flow naturally from there."

Well, we tried, but a full stone later we'd made very little progress. I, at least, was getting annoyed and frustrated.

"Let's get Nicky and Anna to come back," Patty suggested. "If we dance the first section who knows, it might get us in the mood to go further."

"Can't hurt, I suppose." I was beginning to think this was either going to be a total farce, which would be my fault, or I'd end up near raping Patty that night. I wasn't sure I could do that any more. Either way I was going to find myself hugging the whipping post tomorrow before being assigned all the dirtiest, most degrading jobs Master could think of. Clearing out the soil pits was likely to be the best I could hope for.

* * *

Having Nicky and Anna back did make a difference. We danced all the way through the first part of the routine, and we actually seemed to make a connection. When we reached the point where the music changed I looked Patty in the eyes. We slowed things down a little. Instead of just sliding her round my shoulders as I had before, I lifted her right over me, keeping the eye contact. She wriggled against me as I slowly lowered her. Once in the splits, she still looked at me. As she relaxed, her hand stroked the inside of my thigh, ending by just touching my cock. She licked her lips. I leaned forward and cupped her breast through her top as I helped back to her feet.

"Sure and you're getting the idea at last."

Patty wriggled her arse against me as we moved across the stage. I was surprised that I could get even harder. I responded by fondling both her bubbies through the thin material. She turned to face me as we returned. My hands cupped her arse. She had one hand round my neck and the other unfastening the buttons of my waistcoat. She turned her back to me again. I crouched, and Patty swung her leg over my head. With her behind me, we made travelling steps across the floor. As Patty crouched, she pulled my waistcoat off. I swung my leg over her and we travelled back again. I put one hand on her hip and cupped her breast in the other.

"Take my drawers down as you bend," she whispered. As we danced, I slid my hands through the slits in her skirt and unfastened her underwear. As I ducked, I let them fall. Patty got her feet out of them very elegantly. I didn't give way to the temptation to glance up as she swung her leg over my head.

A faster section followed, where her spins and twirls gave glimpses of her bare charms. I found myself getting harder, and more anxious to remove her remaining garments. When I took a hold on her body, my hands went on her skin, often under clothing. As the section ended, I undid her top. Patty crossed the stage on her own, lifting the sides of the material to give glimpses of her bubbies before shedding the garment completely. Her bubbies looked as good as they had felt - not big, just a good handful, pointed and with big, dark tips from which her nipples stood out like hazelnuts.

While everyone was supposed to be looking at Patty, I began to unfasten my shirt. When she saw what I was doing she wigged her finger at me, then ran to jump into my arms. I bent to take one of those nipples in my mouth, briefly, before spinning her body round mine.

Patty landed, laughing, and grabbed me round the neck for a long kiss. She unfastened my shirt while we were kissing. The feel of her rock hard nipples against my flesh was a revelation. I thought my cock was going to burst out of my trousers! She held my hand and moved away to do a few steps alongside me. I nearly tripped over because I was so busy watching those bubbies bounce. We took a close hold to circle the floor. Patty managed to relieve me of my shirt while we went round.

A faster section followed, involving Patty doing a number of spins. They gave glimpses of her snatch, which had been shaved. At one point she wrapped her legs round my waist.

"Sorry," she whispered as she dropped back onto her feet. I wondered why, until I glanced down. She'd left a large wet spot on the front of my trousers. That woman really was hot.

"Better have those off, hadn't we?" Patty danced slowly round me, closing up behind with those nubbins drilling into my back as she writhed against me. Her hands cupped my nipples, pinching mildly. She walked them down my belly until they reached my waistband, then on to caress my cock through the material. I could have come on the spot. Her fingers traced his outline, whilst Patty made approving noises in my ear. She unfastened my trousers, letting my cock spring up so fast it almost slapped against my belly. While I tried to dance out of that last garment, she was stroking my cock and fondling my balls. They were already turning blue with the effort of holding back.

I swung round and almost ripped that skirt off her, then lifted her from the back. Patty locked her legs round my neck, swung forward and took my cock in her mouth. Her snatch was right in front of my face, so I applied my tongue to it, holding us there in a standing "69".

* * *

I don't know which of us came first. We'd both been on the edge so long we rather exploded into each other. I was covered with her juice. She had to swallow hard and frequently. Eventually she somersaulted to the floor, sitting at my feet and gazing up with a wondering expression. I thought that, perhaps, we were done. Patty had other ideas. She was soon kissing, licking and fondling my cock back to full erection. She got to her feet, stepped all round me, keeping her hands active before stopping with her nipples digging holes in my chest.

"Fuck me."

I grinned and cupped my hands under her arse and lifted Patty clear of the ground.

"So strong," she breathed, wrapping her thighs round my waist. I lowered her onto my waiting cock without more ado. Her eyes opened wide and her mouth formed an 'O' as she settled down. She was so very hot and wet.

I braced myself to support her as she began to move. The feel of those hard little nubbins against my bare chest was marvellous. I'd thought I couldn't get any harder, but as was wrong, as I found while Patty was bobbing up and down. Every so often she twisted her hips as she came down, then squeezed me with her internal muscles. By the gods it was hard not to come!

Patty leaned back, hanging onto my shoulders for support. I took one of her bubbies in each hand, rubbing my thumbs over the nipples. She began to moan, audibly. I flicked her nipples with the tip of my finger. Her head went back and she called out something I couldn't understand. She was twisting and squeezing me more rapidly, so I gathered it was good for her. I relinquished one breast and slipped a hand between us to stroke her pleasure button. She screamed and went rigid, while her muscles pulsed furiously against my cock. I could easily have come with her, but I held myself back, with difficulty.

Patty went limp. I pulled her to me and held her until she'd got her strength back. She opened her eyes. There was a soft, satisfied look on her face.

"Thanks, that was great."

My cock slipped out of her, still dripping with her juices. Patty hugged me, then danced away. She turned round and bent over, waggling her bottom at me. I moved up behind her and used my cock to spread some lubrication around her entrance. Grabbing her hips, I pushed the head of my cock into her back passage. She wiggled again and pushed back.

"Oh, yes," she breathed. I reached forward to fondle her bubbies, letting my thumbs run over her nipples. Patty moaned, straightened as much as she could and pushed back as I thrust forward, so that my cock sank to the hilt. I moved one hand back to her pleasure button as I started to pump in and out of her. I only managed a few strokes, but this time we both came, simultaneously.

"You really are marvellous," she remarked with a grin, "and I think we inspired someone else." My gaze followed hers. I'd been aware that the music had stopped at some point. Now I knew why. Anna had laid her pipes aside. Her head was bobbing up and down as Nicky's cock slid in and out of her mouth.

* * *

When we came out to actually perform that evening I ran my gaze over the guests sitting at table. Master was in the centre, of course, flanked by the guests of honour. Sitting next to Master was a stunning blonde, decked with jewels and richly dressed. She seemed to be about my age, and looked me over appraisingly. I hoped she liked what she saw, since I'd decided to dance for her. The man sitting the other side of Master, who must be her husband, was much older, and looked to be in his cups already.

"I don't think my owner likes you," Patty breathed. She indicated a grizzled man with a scarred face at one end of the table.

Then we were on. Our performance wasn't as spontaneous as that first rehearsal had been, but it served its purpose. At the end of the dance I saw two of the Ladies were wriggling on their partners' laps. My Master almost vaulted over the table to fondle Patty's bubbies. She turned to me and rolled her eyes as he backed her towards the table.

"Thank you, Atlas. That will be all."

I caught the blonde's eye. She looked at my cock and licked her lips. But I was dismissed, so I collected my clothes as Master dropped his breeches and lifted Patty's feet onto his shoulders.

* * *

I slept alone that night. I'd already come four times, so I wouldn't have been that good at entertaining one of the Ladies. I'd have made a major effort for that blonde, though.

* * *

"Master wants to see you in the Atrium, now!"

I groaned. I was still stiff and sore from yesterday's efforts. I pulled on a loose pair of breeches, threw a tatty old tunic over my head and jogged over to the Atrium. Master stood there, legs apart and arms crossed in front of his chest. The blonde was there, too. She rested one hand on his shoulder and had her head tilted on one side. As soon as she saw me she turned and smiled.

"Well, Your Highness, there he is."

"Yes." She took her hand off his shoulder and slowly walked towards me, appraisingly. I went to take my tunic off, but she shook her head.

"I saw everything I needed to last night, thank you." She walked up to me and felt my biceps.

"H'm, yes."

She stood in front of me, with her head on one side. Her hands explored my shoulders and chest. She walked round behind me, ran her hands over my back, then felt my arse.

"He should be at least half hard by now, aren't you?"

"Yes, ma'am." I was, too. A good job, because she reached round the front of me and grabbed my cock through my breeches.

"I should warn you, he shirks," Master said. It was a slander. I'd never shirked on a woman in my life. "Thinks that just because I let him dance after dinner occasionally he shouldn't have to do all the heavy work."

Well, if I got too many muscles I wouldn't be so fluid, or so flexible.

"I'm sure he won't give me that sort of problem," she replied, with an undertone to her voice that sent shivers down my spine. "I'll take him."

I felt sick. I hadn't realised that I was up for sale. Master named a figure which made me gasp. She shook his hand, making her now my mistress.

The door crashed open. Patty's Master strode in, dragging her by the hair, which was bunched up into a ponytail. She wore a short, black skirt, a torn, grubby vest and a heavy leather collar round her neck. Tears were running down her face. Her arms had been twisted behind her back and tied there, palms together, between her shoulder blades.

"Get on your knees, girl." Patty complied. "Don't know what she's done this time, but I've given her a right good leathering just in case."

"There was no need for that," my new Mistress replied, a look of displeasure on her face. "Ever thought of selling her?"

"Don't know anyone who'd be daft enough to take her. She's useless. Won't fall, takes forever to get me hard, all she wants to do is prance around."

"I want her."

"She won't go with a woman. I've tried to make her, in the hope it would be entertaining to watch. Too idle to make the effort, weren't you, girl?" He shook Patty by her pony tail.

"I'd like to buy her."

"I wouldn't inflict her on you, ma'am," Patty's Master replied with a snort.

"Are you denying my wife?" a rough voice broke in. We all turned to see the old man who'd sat next to Master at dinner. He was just inside one of the rear doors, sat in a chair fitted with wheels.

"Er, no, Your Majesty."

"Right. Name your price."

The figure he mentioned was a fraction of what I'd cost.

"Is that all?" Mistress said, raising her eyebrows.

"Take her, and welcome."

"Right." She shook his hand, briefly. "Now, leave us." I turned towards the door. "Not you two." Patty's former master twisted his hand in her ponytail, leaned down and yanked her head round until she was looking at him.

"If you humiliate me by getting rejected as useless, girl," he growled, "you'll be riding the pony - and that will only be the start." He flung her away and stalked out of the room. Mistress looked at her husband and raised her eyebrows. He chuckled. I took the chance to drop on my knees and try to comfort Patty.

"Fond of her, are you?" Mistress asked.

"Well, er?" I didn't know how I was supposed to reply.

"It's perfectly all right, if you are," she went on, moving to crouch on Patty's other side. "Help me unfasten her and get that ridiculous collar off her." I was amazed. Masters and Mistresses didn't normally show any compassion for their slaves.

Once Patty was back on her feet, Mistress clapped her hands.

"Get those rags off," she instructed. I presumed she wanted another performance from us. So, I think, did Patty, because she looked at me and rolled her eyes as if to say, "Not again."

We complied. I caught a glimpse of Patty's rear. She had wheals all over her backside and the backs of her thighs. I'd have to be very gentle with her. It appeared that Mistress had other ideas. I was no sooner naked than a group of other slaves closed round me, leading me into a corner of the room where I was washed and groomed, ending up dressed in a cream shirt, brown breeches and a fawn tunic.

They led me back into the centre of the hall. Patty had been tidied up as well. Her hair had been groomed, and was held by a couple of amber clips. She wore a russet-coloured outfit, with a flared skirt that came half way down her calves. She grinned at me.

"Right," Mistress said, clapping her hands for attention, "I presume you're wondering what this is all about." She leaned against the wall of the fountain in the middle of the Atrium and crossed her ankles.

"I was a dancer before I got married. I thought your performance last night was reasonable, given the amount of time you'd had to work on it. Given time, and the opportunity, though, I think you two could be superb." She stood and took a step forward. "I've been planning to have a small troop of dancers to entertain my guests, but I need a couple to build the troop round. That will be you two. Not all the dancing will be as explicit as last night's performance. I shall expect you two to lead, teach and train the troop as well as plan the dances. Apart from that you'll have few duties. You, Atlas," she hesitated, "we'll have to find you another name, something more appropriate." Mistress smiled. "You'll have two other responsibilities. One will be to entertain me sexually. The other will be to keep young Sunshine, here, satisfied. She can concentrate on her dancing."

"Though you'll be prepared to bob up and down on an old man's prick just occasionally, won't you?" her husband put in.

"Yes, of course, Master."


I hoped I wasn't dreaming. To be able to concentrate on dancing, and with Patty. It seemed too good to be true.

Mistress strolled over to stand right in front of me.

"Last night left me frustrated. I expect you to be in my chamber before they turn the sand." She grasped my cock through my breeches. "Is he as good with this as he looked?"

"I believe so, Mistress," Patty replied, blushing.

"Good. I look forward to the proof of it."

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